Why does Self-Care Matter

Why Does Self Care Matter?

What Happens to My Body when there is Unmatched Stress?

When we are in a stressed state or in a hyper-cortisol (high or excessive) or hypo-cortisol (low or depleted) state, we may feel and experience many of the following symtpoms: fatigue, difficulty sleeping, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, gain weight easily, have food cravings, experience changes in digestive function and hormones, have muscle pain, headaches and more.

There are two nervous systems that we interact with and respond to our enviroment on a moment to moment basis. They are the sympathetic (fight or flight and run from the tiger) and the parasympathetic (rest and digest, relax and enjoy the moment) nervous systems. Our response can change and will adapt in a split second to keep us safe and out of harms way, via neurolgical messages from the Vagus nerve. And wouldn’t you know, the breath and how deep or shallow we are breathing lets the Vagus nerve determine which of the two nervous systems will be activated.

Take for instance, when we are in limbic overdrive (sympathetic overdrive or highly stressed), we are in survival mode, breathing in a shallow way from high in our chest, often with a racy heart which makes the ability to relax very difficult with the tiger lurking and ready to pounce.

When we are in this stressed state (and there is no true, but possibly a virtual tiger, aka “thinking mind”), the best thing we can do for ourselves is to settle our nervous system down by taking a deep breath. If we can practice on a regular basis, breathing deep, enjoying ourselves, laughing and relaxing, this will get easier to call upon in times of need or higher stress. Remember the saying, what we practice, we get better at! When we practice breathing deeply, we are bringing in more relaxation and developing the parasympathetic system.

If you identified with the health concerns in the first paragraph, like so many of us do, start with a little self-care every day to get your health back on track. A few deep breaths, a walk outside, enjoying a cup of tea or a laugh date with a good friend.

We, the doctors at Amber Wellness Group are here for you to help you discover and reach your potential. And in the spirit of Self-Care have partnered with Dr. Caroleigh and Nancy in bringing this one of a kind Daycation Retreat to inspire you to make self-care a priority! We will teach you an approach to meditation that you can practice with us and then take back home and incorporate successfully in your daily routine. We will guide you through some restorative yoga poses and even pamper you with soothing and recuperative hand, foot and face masks to nourish your skin.

Join us in Making Self-Care the Center of your Healthcare!

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