Prior to your visit, you will need to call the clinic at 971-319-0045 so we can set up your patient portal and access to the electronically fillable paperwork.

Once you schedule, please call the clinic so we can collect some information from you in order to sign you up for the patient portal. In the patient portal, you will go to the Documents section and then to the Intake Documents tab, to complete the intake form, consents and the insurance verification form. These need to be filled out a minimum of a day prior to your appointment.

If for some reason you are unable to sign into the portal, you can download the forms in the following sections:

Patient Intake Form

The patient intake form helps you to provide us with contact information as well as your current and historical general health and wellness. It gives us a broad overview and a starting point for getting to know you and your health care needs.

Insurance Verification Form

The insurance verification form is the form you will you use to make sure you obtain needed information when you call your provider to verify your insurance coverage (e.g. providers and services that are covered in and out of network, deductibles, number of visit limitations, etc.).

Release of Records Form

If you have any lab or imaging records from the previous year from another provider, please fill out the Release of Record Form. You can either submit to the outside provider yourself or email the completed form to us and we will coordinate for you.

Consent Forms

The following consent form will need to be reviewed and signed prior to your first appointment. The HIPAA Privacy Practices is a more detailed explanation of our policies for your reference. The Good Faith estimate and Fee schedule reviews the codes we commonly bill with both insurance pricing and self-pay pricing for those not using insurance.

Please send these completed forms to at least 2 days prior to your visit if you do not complete them in the patient portal.