We are Open and Offering In-Person and Telemedicine Visits

If you are not yet vaccinated
we recommend that you schedule a telemedicine
visit until 2 weeks after you are fully vaccinated..

If you are scheduled for an in person visit, you will:
  • Be called or Asked to Fill Out a Covid Exposure Questionnaire Before Your Appointment.
  • Have your temperature taken before your appointment.
  • Be required to wear a mask upon entering our clinic.
  • Covid Insurance Updates:

    • Please stay abreast of your telemedicine coverage. Each Insurance carrier is different. Currently most companies are providing telemedicine coverage.
    • If you scheduling a telemedicine appointment, you must be in the state of Oregon at the time of your appointment.
    • If you live outside of Oregon, you are required to be seen in person, or be in Oregon during your visit.
    • It is your responsibility to call your insurance carrier to confirm.

    • As always, please call Michelle with any questions and to schedule your next healthcare appointment.

    Trusted Scientific Covid Resources: