Lab Testing

To help us get a holistic view of your health, Amber Wellness Group has relationships with many laboratory companies. Our Lab Testing services include:.

Blood Analysis

  • Local Labs: Billed to Insurance: Providence, Quest, Legacy, Labcorp, OHSU
  • Patient Pay Labs Not Billed to Insurance: Boston Heart, Cleveland Heart, Access, Spectracell

Digestive Analysis

  • Stool Analysis: Diagnostic Solutions (GI MAP), Doctor’s Data, Genova
  • SIBO Testing: Aerodiagnostics
  • Mold Testing: Mycotox Panel: Great Plains Laboratory
  • Food Sensitivity Testing: US BIOTEK

Toxic Metals, and Chemical Exposures

  • Heavy Metal Testing: Doctor’s Data – Urine
  • Oxidation and Glutathione levels: Doctor’s Data

Neurotransmitter Urine Assessment

  • Labrix Labs: Urine
  • ZRT Labs Urine

Adrenal and Hormone Testing 

  • Labrix: Salivary
  • ZRT: Salivary, Blood Spot
  • Serum: through any lab above
  • DUTCH: dried urine

Foot Sensitivity Testing 

  • US BIOTEK: serum and blood spot

Genetic Testing

  • 23 and Me, Genetic Genie: Methylation and Detoxification Analysis
  • Myriad for Women who have cancer or have family history of cancer

Circulating Tumor Cells

  • Biocept (Breast and Ovarian Cancer)


*Please note: Clinic policy states that an appointment with one of the physicians is required to order labs. A follow up appointment is also required to review the lab results.