Mind Body Medicine and Mindfulness Meditation Offerings

“Settle in the here and now.
Reach down into the center where the world is not spinning and drink this holy peace.
Feel relief flood into every cell. Nothing to do.
Nothing to be but what you are already.
Nothing to receive but what flows effortlessly from the mystery into form.
Nothing to run from or run toward.
Just this breath, awareness knowing itself as embodiment.
Just this breath, awareness waking up to truth.”

– Danna Faulds


Mindfulness Meditation For All

~ No cure that fails to engage our spirit can make us well ~ Victor Frankl

Mindfulness Class: Self Compassion

Join us for our upcoming 1-day mindfulness class focused on loving kindness towards ourselves. We will explore the fundamentals of mindfulness and how it can help us live healthier lives. 

When we learn how to bring mindfulness and loving kindness into our lives, our whole nervous system responds with greater ease. The domino effect of mindfulness is improved mood, energy, mental clarity, creativity, immune surveillance and so much more. So, whether you have had cancer, struggle with a chronic disease, are in constant pain or have anxiety / depression, there is benefit from learning these mindfulness techniques. 

Developing Mind Body skills and a regular mindfulness practice can help us feel more empowered and allow us to face our daily challenges with more ease.  

With the added benefit of improving our immune surveillance and bolstering our inner resources for healing and recovery.  

No experience required. There will be modifications and techniques to help each person find a practice that works best for them.

If you feel like you would benefit from learning mindfulness techniques to help you live your healthiest life, we would love you to join us.

1-day Mindfulness Retreat Focused on Self Compassion

  • Introduction and Practice of Mindfulness Meditation in respects to Mindfulness of the Body and Mindfulness of the Breath.
  • Teachings on Loving Kindness and Self-Compassion with Guided Practices.
  • Additional Daily Practices: Mindful Movement, Walking Meditation and Mindful Eating.
  • Dedication: The Goodness of the Practice for the Benefit of All Beings.

Dates: 6/18/22
Time: Saturday 9:00AM-3:00 PM
Where: Amber Wellness Group and /or Via Zoom

Suggested Donation: $50

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Living Your Healthiest Life:

What Mindfulness Based Meditation and Mind Body Medicine Can Do for You: 

  • Reconnect with our bodies, which can provide a place of grounding and support in times of distress.
  • When difficult emotions arise, use techniques of awareness, helping to reduce fear and anxiety.
  • Bring more awareness to the inner dialogues, beliefs, stories, and worries that might be perpetuating stress.
  • Develop heart-opening practices of forgiveness, kindness and compassion that help ease inner tension.
  • Learn how to rediscover and redirect your attention toward the things that really matter to you.

Mindfulness for Cancer Survivors

~Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside of you, as a result of what happened to you. ~ Dr. Gabor Maté from The Wisdom of Trauma

We know there are many uncertainties people encounter when there is a cancer diagnosis. Every stage of living with cancer, from diagnosis to treatment can be challenging and thankfully there is a lot of support along the way from your medical and integrative oncology team.

One of the biggest areas of need Dr. Dickinson has seen, from her years of working with patients as an integrative oncology physician is survivorship. Survivorship is all about being able to live a healthy life, full of wellness and vitality after a cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Dickinson has devoted many years of her practice to learn techniques of mind body medicine to help patients reduce the worry, depression and other mental emotional symptoms from the stress and trauma of their cancer diagnosis. She is leading trauma sensitive mindfulness meditation programs to help her patients navigate the physical, emotional and psychological challenges that arise, with greater ease and acceptance.

Developing Mind Body skills and a regular mindfulness practice can help us feel more empowered and allow us to face the challenges of cancer, pain, PTSD and any other health concerns that arise. With the added benefit of improving our immune surveillance and bolstering our inner resources for healing and recovery.

Stay Tuned for Future Classes. 


Dr. Lisa Dickinson

Dr. Lisa Dickinson is honored to work with patients from prevention to diagnosis, to wellness and beyond.  She regularly brings mind body medicine into the office visit to support patients in their healing process.  She enjoys helping people discover how they may get in their own way and begin to unpack their story so that they can move through their distress and begin to live the life they deserve to live with presence and happiness.  She has completed the Advanced Training Program from the Center of Mind Body Medicine  (CMBM) and she is a candidate for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certificate Program (MMTCP), a two-year teacher training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

Mindfulness Meditation and Mind Body Medicine can offer a range of techniques that help to relax the body and mind, and better regulate stress responses during times of uncertainty. These techniques also offer a chance to adopt new attitudes and perspectives that can fundamentally shift our experience from what is happening to us and change our practice into moment by moment awareness.

Past Courses

Beginning Mindfulness Meditation Course

This workshop will introduce the key ways mindfulness can help you or a loved one experience calm and wellbeing, in the midst of health or illness. Through a combination of teaching, meditation practice, and group discussion, this interactive session will provide an overview of how mindfulness can help you live your healthiest life.

4-weekly 90-minute Sessions

  • Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness both Breath and Body Meditations
  • Session 2: Being Fully Human: Working with Emotions 
  • Session 3: The Wise Heart: Loving Kindness and Compassion
  • Session 4: Bringing Your Practice into the World 

Dates: 4/14/2022, 4/21/2022, 4/28/2022, 5/5/2022
Time: Thursdays from 12:00-1:30 pm
Where: Amber Wellness Group and /or Via Zoom 



noun [countable] verb [intransitive]

The word daycation basically refers to a “day out”, a day where you stay, relax and enjoy yourself in whatever way you desire. A self-care holiday that does not involve staying away from home overnight.

Synonyms and related words: day vacation, retreat, self-care, meditation, yoga, luxurious nurturing.

Dr. Lisa Dickinson is in collaboration with two other amazing practitioners’ offering self-care daycations throughout the year! We are providing an opportunity for you to relax, restore and rejuvenate. What a couple of years it has been! Join us for us a 3-hour revitalizing retreat including yoga, meditation and nurturing masks for your face, hands and feet.