MonaLisa Touch:

A Non-Hormonal Treatment
Option for Treating Atrophy in
Your Pelvic Floor

Atrophy is a condition that women experience in the menopausal years. It arises due to declining levels of estrogen. When estrogen levels drop, the collagen thickness diminishes in your pelvic floor tissues, this thinning causes atrophy, pain with intimacy and can increase symptoms of urinary urgency and incontinence. When collagen is healthy, women have more elasticity in their tissues, increasing thickness, suppleness and experiencing pleasure instead of pain during intimate activity.

Collagen also plays an intricate roll in pelvic floor lubrication. Women with lower estrogen levels and therefore less collagen, experience increased dryness. When women have dryness in their pelvic floor tissues, they experience increased irritation, leading to adhesions and pain with intimacy.

MonaLisa Touch® Laser Treatment to Address The Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: Atrophy, Irritation, Pain & Dryness

The MonaLisa Touch therapy was specifically designed to treat the painful symptoms of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause, also known as Vulvovaginal Atrophy that affect postmenopausal women and those that undergo chemically induced menopause from the treatment of breast cancer or other cancers.

How does MonaLisaTouch® work?

The MonaLisa Touch therapy uses a unique probe to deliver a gentle fractional CO2 laser energy to the Pelvic Floor wall tissue. The laser energy targets the atrophic mucosa (tissue) by stimulating a metabolic reaction and neocollagenesis (new collagen building). This results in increased vascularization (improved blood flow), elastin and collagen which translates to increased moisture, elasticity and lubrication in the Genitourinary tissues.

Immediate and Lasting Results:
  • Three 5 minute treatments at 6 week intervals
  • In-office procedure
  • Requires no anesthesia
  • Minimal side effects
  • 48 hours downtime
  • Symptom relief after just one treatment
  • Annual follow up treatment once a year*

*Your doctor will determine with you if follow-up treatments are required.

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Amber Wellness Group is the only clinic in the Portland Metro Area to offer their patients the Mona Lisa Touch and the ThermiVA. By having treatment options onsight, you can expect the most individualized treatment recommendation to support your pelvic floor health recovery.

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MonaLisa Touch Quick Reference Guide

What is MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is a laser that delivers controlled energy to revitalize the cells in the vaginal tissue so that these cells make more collagen. The treatment can help with vaginal dryness, pain, itching, urinary incontinence, and some of the other painful symptoms of menopause.

MonaLisa Touch is particularly well-suited for women who cannot, or prefer not, to receive estrogen therapy because it is a non-hormonal treatment. This makes it a great option for women who have suffered from breast cancer to reclaim their intimate wellness.

How does MonaLisa Touch work?

MonaLisa Touch is a laser that stimulates both the surface and deep layers of vaginal tissue to produce collagen and promote blood flow and restore vaginal lubrication and elasticity.

Provide personal testimonial: “I had the treatment myself recently to help with some of the dryness I had been experience since going through menopause. It has really transformed my life, and I’ve been telling all my girlfriends that they need it, too!”

Does it hurt/is there any downtime?

The procedure is virtually painless and requires no anesthesia. Many patients report that it feels like a gentle vibration.

Some women report slight localized discomfort for a few days following the laser treatment, but say it is very tolerable. Sexual activity should be restricted for 2 to 3 days after treatment. No time off work is necessary, and most women almost immediately resume their normal routine.

How many sessions are required?

Patients receive three treatments, spaced six weeks apart, which take less than five minutes to perform each. Most patients feel improvement after the very first treatment, although the procedure calls for three treatments that are generally spaced over a 12-week period.

How much does a MonaLisa Touch package cost?

Pricing for MonaLisa Touch can vary based on your needs, so our physician can best evaluate your total package cost during your consultation when they assess your needs.

(If applicable) We do offer patient financing plans if you are interested in this; we have many patients who have opted into our financing plans and pay only $x per month for their full treatment!

Frequently Asked Questions About The MonaLisa Touch® Procedure

What are the benefits of this treatment?

MonaLisa Touch allows for a functional restoration of the vagina (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation), which helps fighting and attenuating symptoms related to vaginal atrophy, a widespread problem among pre and postmenopausal women. Thanks to its action on factors that determine dryness, fragility and loss of mucosal elasticity, this treatment can eliminate troublesome itching, irritation and pain, which become particularly acute during intercourse. The interaction with laser is, in fact, the ideal method to stimulate the collagen contained in the vaginal walls for the rehydration and functional tissue restoration. Its beneficial action can contribute to improve self-confidence and sexual pleasure.

Is it painful?

No, usually no anesthesia required. The sensation is a light vibration.

For which women is the MonaLisa Touch most suitable?

For any women who want to prevent or treat the vaginal symptoms due to estrogenic decrease (in menopause, after a childbirth or after a cancer treatment). Most common symptoms include: vaginal dryness, laxity, burning, pain during sexual intercourse and mild urinary incontinence. MonaLisa Touch is the ideal treatment for those who are looking for a less invasive procedure, compared to traditional surgical or pharmaceutical treatments. Remember, no one can advise you better about MonaLisa Touch and what is best for you to achieve best results than your doctor.

What type of results can I expect?

Most treated patients report a reduction in dryness, burning sensation, pain during intercourse, and urinary symptoms which contribute to a substantial improvement in the quality of life. These results are possible, thanks to the stimulation of the mucosa, which regenerates and rejuvenates.

What happens after the procedure?

Depending on the laser procedure, your doctor may recommend you refrain from sexual activity for 2-3 days. Generally patients can return to normal activities afterwards. Your doctor will determine a post-procedure regimen that is right for you.

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