We love our Patients

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“Courageous” … is a perfect word to describe what you do, every single day, and what your staff does, every single day, and what we, as cancer recipients, must embrace, every single day … I am so thankful I found my way to your clinic and that you are here in Portland, and you are looking at everything…everything…it is all I have wanted for five years.

~ K.S., Portland, Oregon

Dr. Dickinson has helped me find balance in my life.  She is knowledgeable and thorough and explains all test results in a way that enables me to understand the interconnections in my body.  Her insights and approaches have been incredibly helpful.  Through thoughtful assessment and treatment, Dr. Dickinson helped me address hormonal imbalances which not only has improved my overall sense of well-being, but also helped pave the way for (successful!) family planning.”

~ C.C., Portland, Oregon

Dr. Dickinson worked with us on our fertility from the onset of our decision to try and conceive.  She was systematic and compassionate.  As a couple in our late thirties and early forties fertility can become a complicated and frustrating issue.  Dr. Dickinson was able to listen to our concerns and look at all aspects of fertility; presenting us with a variety of options to help increase our chances of conception. Dr. Dickinson worked with us to get our bodies healthy and our hormone levels to the right levels and we were able to conceive and are progressing nicely with our pregnancy!  I cannot put into words how grateful we are for her expertise, sensitivity to us, and never ending dedication to our goal.”

~ L.G., Portland, Oregon

Dr. Meghan truly cares, listens and responds with appropriate treatment. I always feel she’s really on my support team. The staff is amazingly helpful and friendly especially Michelle. A doctor’s office that fully supports their patients and their healing journey. So grateful to have found this clinic.”

~ J. S.

“My husband and I went to Dr. Dickinson to seek help with our fertility issues.  I was not interested in a short-term fix to get pregnant; I wanted to find out what imbalances I had and correct them for the long term.  After testing both my husband and I, we found out that we both had hormonal imbalances.  With supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes, and her close guidance with monthly ovulation tracking, we were pregnant within three months.  The care and concern that Dr. Dickinson shows her patients is remarkable.   We now have a big, healthy baby boy thanks to the work of Dr. Dickinson!”

~ A.A., Portland, Oregon

Dr. Dickinson is awesome! We’ve worked together to get me back to a place of well being and balance. She listens to my concerns and takes the necessary steps/suggestions as to assess how we should proceed. I must say I’m feeling a lot better since I became a client at Amber Wellness. Michelle you’re a wonderful person. Thanks to you and Dr. D!”

~ A.C.

Dr. Meghan Bennett is so amazing. I have been suffering for over 15 years, doctors couldn’t figure what was wrong. Within a few months she was able to find out what was wrong and have a plan of attack. I have my life back thanks to her.

~ J.B.

My experience at Amber Wellness couldn’t have been better. Michelle was so helpful with setting up the appointment and answering questions. Dr. Meghan is a wonderful, compassionate doctor who instantly made me feel comfortable. I was well cared for!

~ L.S.

I have had an incredible experience with Dr.Lisa and her staff at Amber Wellness. I had heard great success stories from friends and co-workers and when I decided to get serious about investigating my digestive health, I knew I needed Dr. Lisa’s support and expertise. She listens, takes her time, and partners with me in making decisions on next steps. I feel so much better and will continue to lean on her and her kind and friendly staff as I continue my journey to better health.

~ A.B.

I followed Dr. Meg Chmelik here, and I’m so grateful I did. The atmosphere and staff is so warm and welcoming. Michelle, at the front desk is always so patient and willing to work with my difficult schedule. I appreciate her greatly.
Dr. Meg is such a beautiful human. I always feel seen and heard when I’m with her. She’s never overwhelmed by the things I come to her with. She takes her time and approaches me with genuine care and kindness. I always look forward to seeing her, and I leave our appts feeling hopeful, and with a huge smile on my face. I absolutely adore her! I cannot recommend this clinic enough. I drive from Vancouver happily to be cared for by this team!

~ D.S.

Dr. Dickinson is awesome! We’ve worked together to get me back to a place of well being and balance. She listens to my concerns and takes the necessary steps/suggestions as to assess how we should proceed. I must say I’m feeling a lot better since I became a client at Amber Wellness. Michelle you’re a wonderful person. Thanks to you and Dr. D!

~ A.C.

Dr. Dickinson took the time to get to know me and hear my health concerns, a really thorough first visit. It was an enjoyable dialogue and I have a plan moving forward. The office is bright, clean, and staff is very friendly!

~ S.K.

The care I have received through Amber Wellness has been uniformly professional, thorough and wholistic. I originally sought out the advice of Dr. Dickenson to help with food sensitivities.As time has gone on she has become my primary physician. The clinic offers an accessible and appealing environment for busy people and the training and experience of the doctors and staff inspires confidence in their advice. I was referred to the clinic by a friend and we have both continued to benefit from this well run clinic and their truly compassionate team of doctors.

~ L.W.

Dr. LIsa is personable and thorough. She analyzes your biochemistry and treats based on that VS just symptoms. Her analysis has changed my life! I tried another doctor for awhile when she moved her clinic to the other side of town but I returned to her as I could not find another ND as thorough. She looks at the whole person and helps us heal. I love her!

~ J.L.

I”ve been a client of Dr. Dickinson for over 20 years. During that time she has diagnosed problems that had stumped doctors in traditional medicine. She is thorough, analytical, detail-oriented, and presents herself with a caring, compassionate manner.

~ K.E.

I have been going to Amber Wellness for over 6 years. I always feel safe and heard. I never feel rushed, and I am able to get all of my questions answered. The doctors are knowledgeable, helpful and have great suggestions for whatever concerns I have. They are very thorough in their analysis of my health. They offer good quality supplements that are always available. I am confident I am in very good hands for the best health possible!

~ C.W.

Dr. Dickinson and her staff have helped me for several years. They always look out for my best interests. They go above and beyond to make my health care easy whether through phone consultations or answering questions concerning my supplements. I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in getting wholistic health care.

~ J.L.

I am SO grateful to have worked with Dr. Lisa for the past six months! She has helped me successfully address multiple health concerns that I’ve been dealing with for over a decade. She really hears her patients and offers caring, very personalized support. I was admittedly a bit leery at first of the all the tests and supplements, but I’m now feeling the best I have, health wise, in a long time! Frustrating symptoms that no other doctor could successfully address are FINALLY no longer giving me trouble because the root cause is being addressed. Thank you SO SO much Dr. Lisa!


I felt an instant connection with Dr Dickinson. I searched for someone that would listen to my issues and have great ideas to help me through the various stages of my disease process. I look forward to working with her for many years. I told her she couldn’t retire!!

~ S.H.

One is always a little nervous when they have a doctors appointment. I look forward to my telemedicine visits with Dr. Lisa for reasons beyond her vast knowledge of medicine. I feel safe and supported when I confide in her regarding my health concerns, fears, not so healthy lifestyle choices etc. She honors how I feel, never shames me and always gently guides me back onto my path. When I’m finished with my visit, I have renewed vigor to become the best me I can be. Michelle is extremely organized and has a kind, compassionate way about her that I find rare especially when you are swamped and trying to navigate the changes in health care. I feel well taken care of both medically, which gives met hope, and emotionally. They are the whole package. Thank you!!


I love Dr Lisa Dickinson and the whole team at Amber Wellness. I’ve been a patient of Dr Lisa’s since 2007 and she always takes great care of me and my family. She is so knowledgeable and caring, something that is truly unique. I’ve had multiple health issues through the years that she has helped me overcome and excel in life. The staff always makes me feel important and Michelle has great customer service skills and caring heart. It’s hard to find good help at the front desk and Michelle is the best. Dr Meghan recently helped me with gut issues and I was very impressed with her knowledge in quickly diagnosing an issue. She helped me tremendously and was great at explaining the process. I’m not even technically her patient, but she took time to help me and made me feel important. I’m so very thankful for the team at Amber Wellness Group in helping me and my family.

~ M.K.

I have been working with Dr. Lisa for over 5 years. Dr.Lisa and Dr.Meghan are amazing healers and I admire their compassion and dedication to women’s care. The offer innovative practices and modalities that work with the whole person. We have collaborated on workshops and I respect their wealth of experience and knowledge. I would trust them completely with my care.


I’ve known Dr. Lisa for over a decade. She is the most amazing person who cares about getting to the root of any problem.

~ J.A.

Depth of knowledge, breadth of services and confidence inspiring are characteristics that stand out at Amber Wellness. Staff and doctors run a tight ship, share their knowledge and experience well, and provide comprehensive plans to support wellness. With a surprising array of services in house, Amber Wellness has been a great find for my family and I.


Dr. Lisa has been helping me with my condition for almost a year. She has giving me a quality of life that I did not think would be possible. She is knowledgeable and also caring and a friend. Dr. Meghan is just as amazing and helpful! From the moment I walk in the door Michelle the receptionist greets me with a smile and is caring. Can’t say enough good things about Amber Wellness Group!


I have been seeing Dr. Dickinson for 12 years and have recently been seeing Dr. Bennett. These ladies can help you recover from any issue you encounter as you move through various stages of life.


I love this practice! Dr. Bennett is wonderful, so knowledgable and easy to work with. Highly recommend this group of wonderful women!


Dr. Lisa Dickinson is very knowledgable and has great ideas to improve your health. Her receptionist was very warm and friendly. The new office is easy to find. Thank you!