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Because we know how much Courage it takes to face, head on, a cancer diagnosis, The Center for Courageous Health is inspired from the passion Dr. Lisa Dickinson has for helping women thrive, who have been diagnosed with a female specific cancer. She actively supports patients through chemotherapy, radiation and beyond, helping women live their fullest and best lives during any phase of their cancer journey. Dr. Dickinson regularly asks her patients what part of their pre-cancer health would they like back?

The Number 1 Answer: Intimacy!

Dr. Dickinson listened and now Amber Wellness Group offers two non-hormonal treatment options (THERMIva and MonaLisa Touch) along with two types of pelvic floor therapy that will help women regain their confidence and their feminine vitality and move beyond simply surviving into thriving.

Whether you are seeking integrative cancer services during active cancer treatments or during your survivorship period, post cancer treatment, we want you to THRIVE.

Turn Surviving into Thriving!

In celebration of finishing your cancer treatments, Amber Wellness Group is offering our female cancer survivors 30% off a series of 3 Mona Lisa Touch or ThermiVa treatments.

Both of these Treatments provide non-hormonal options for rebuilding collagen and repairing the internal and external tissue that may have atrophied during your cancer treatment due to chemo and anti-hormone therapy. With healthy collagen levels, women notice that they feel more confident, connected, and in touch with their intimacy. If you need additional information about the treatments or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office at (971) 319-0045.

Below you will find a coupon for 30% off a series of three Mona Lisa Touch or ThermiVa treatments. When you call and schedule a free consultation, we will work personally with you to decide which treatment option is best for you. We look forward to celebrating your survivorship with you, and supporting you in regaining your feminine vitality.

MonaLisa Touch and ThermiVa are appropriate for any female who is experiencing vaginal symptoms as a result of a hysterectomy or cancer treatments. This procedure is safe for women who have had breast, cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancer.

For more information, link to our pages on ThermiVa and MonaLisa Touch. These therapies are particularly well suited for patients who cannot or prefer not to receive estrogen therapy.

Dr. Dickinson has been committed to providing an integrative approach to women diagnosed with breast, ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers since 2012. She has a large family history of breast cancer and understands the mental and emotional toll cancer takes on a patient and their care providers. She believes in you and your body’s inherent wisdom to maintain health. She will help you understand your cancer process, order the labs you need and provide you with the naturopathic support to help you fight your cancer.
She has a breadth of knowledge when it comes to complex conditions, especially a cancer diagnosis. She will help you understand your genetic SNPS, as well as your hormone metabolism and detoxification pathways that may have predisposed you to the cancer. She will order a thorough lab analysis that will assist you and her in managing your health every step of the way.
Dr. Dickinson is confident in meeting each patient where they are at and helping them find the best plan to fit their needs and lifestyle while encouraging the best possible quality of life. Some of her specific cancer care offerings include IV therapy, mistletoe therapy, supplements, nutritional support, pelvic floor therapy, homeopathy and stress management through comprehensive mind body medicine support.

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