National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day

At Amber Wellness Group, we honor and support all in our community who have personally faced or who know someone who is a cancer survivor. The challenging journey from diagnosis of cancer, to treatment, to survivorship can impact every aspect of your life. We don’t take this path lightly, and hope you to know that we will continue to support and hold space for you as you move through and beyond this cancer diagnosis.

As you are likely aware, Dr. Lisa is passionate about integrative oncology and supporting and providing care for women with hormone sensitive cancers. We offer a variety of ways to provide care for you wherever you are in your treatment course. To see more of our offerings and how they may benefit and support you, click here.

We offer mindfulness courses, nutritional and vitamin support as well as pelvic floor therapy, including MLT and ThermiVa.

Both of these Treatments provide non-hormonal options for rebuilding collagen and repairing the internal and external tissue that may have atrophied during your cancer treatment. Many women experience changes not only from the necessary hormone blocking medications, but also from the side effects of chemotherapy.

When restoring collagen to healthy levels, women notice that they have less pain and are able to engage intimately with their partners again. The added benefits of feeling more confident and connected are noticed too.

In celebration of National Cancer Survivorship day on June 6th, and all throughout the month of June, Amber Wellness Group is offering our female cancer survivors 30% off a series of 3 Mona Lisa Touch or ThermiVa treatments.

If this peaks your interest, please read more about these offerings here on our website or reach out to our office at (971) 319-0045.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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