Be Supported … and

Lead a Courageous Life

When Integrative Oncology is Desired for your Cancer Journey, Getting the Right Care Really Matters~

If you have been diagnosed with a female specific breast or reproductive cancer, we are here to see you as an individual, listen to you, and help you find answers to your complex questions. Dr. Dickinson Bridges the Heart and Science of medicine and provides excellence in patient centered naturopathic oncology care.

She is a teacher from her heart and life’s work.  She truly cares about each person she meets, whether they are a patient, friend, or a person in the community.  She loves to share her knowledge and has an ability to connect, and share information in a way that will meet each person where they are at in their knowledge, wisdom, health goals.

Naturopathic Oncology Supports the Whole Patient and is Complementary to Conventional Oncology Treatment Plans. Some patients prefer to focus solely on conventional or naturopathic medicine for their treatment, and we often see the Benefit of incorporating Both naturopathic and conventional treatment options in the treatment of your cancer.

We will support you in choosing a treatment plan that allows you to feel secure, safe and well. We will encourage you in all possible ways. Our commitment to you is to guide, support and walk with you down your chosen treatment path, so that you feel taken care of and confident and continue to live a healthy and vital life throughout your cancer journey and beyond.

Integrative Oncology Can:

    • Improve quality of life by during cancer protocols by increasing energy, reducing pain, improving appetite, and generally helping you feel better as you go through the various treatment options.
    • Assist in reducing side effects of and improve tolerance and efficacy of conventional treatment protocols.
    • Decreasing traditional treatment breaks, or dose reductions due to side effects.
    • Increase survival and reduce rates of cancer recurrence
    • Aiding the body, with a focus on preventing recurrence of the disease.

From the Beginning…

It is so very important when you have cancer, to receive the very best in supportive care right from the beginning. When you first call our office, our staff and physicians work closely together and provide personalized care based on your individual healthcare needs and goals. Your first point of contact will be Michelle. She will schedule you and provide you a roadmap to your care at Amber Wellness Group.


If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a precancerous or female specific cancer, we provide personalized, integrative, and compassionate care.

Our Women’s Cancer Wellness Care Offerings Include:

  • Breast Cancer Care
  • Uterine and Endometrial Cancer Care
  • Ovarian Cancer Care
  • Cervical Cancer Care
  • Other Female Reproductive Tract Cancer Care
  • Please call our clinic for an appointment time saved especially for our new and return patients with cancer wellness needs.

An Leader in Integrative Cancer Care 

Amber Wellness Group, Provides:

    • Communication with your medical, surgical, and radiation oncology providers
    • Safe, researched, integrative treatment options to prepare, go alongside and or help in recovery of your surgery, chemotherapy, medication management and / or radiation treatment plan
    • Oncology appropriate nutrition and diet guidelines
    • Mindfulness focused support group for patient’s with cancer
    • Comprehensive lab analysis to support your treatment plans and immune surveillance
    • Prevention and wellness care in any stage of your cancer journey
    • Long term follow-up care throughout your cancer journey and into living your healthiest life
    • Healthy goal setting and education
    • Support for your care givers too.

Naturopathic Medicine and Integrative Cancer Care:

    1. Supports overall health: sleep, digestion, mood and whole-body wellness .
    2. Reduces short and long-term side-effects from treatment: fatigue, hot flashes, weight loss, reduced appetite, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, mouth sores,neutropenia, anemia, peripheral neuropathy, cardiotoxicity.
    3. Improves treatment response: reduces delayed or missed treatments, treats dose-limiting side effects.
    4. Can prevent and reduce the rate of recurrence and extend remission timeframes.

Amber Wellness Group’s Integrative Cancer Care Services Include:

Naturopathic Treatment Options:

A Healthy Diet is one of the most critical aspects of prevention, treatment and recovery from cancer. Focusing on the whole health of the individual with great importance on diet, lifestyle and supplemental support is foundational to living a healthy life, with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. 

Botanical Medicine is an important part of integrative cancer care as well.  Many of the most potent chemotherapeutic agents were originally derived from herbs like periwinkle and the yew tree. The appropriate use of herbal medicine can be incredibly supportive to address some of the common side effects we see, such as fatigue, depressed immunity, digestive dysregulation and more.

  • Individualized Nutritional and Herbal Therapy Dependent on your Conventional Oncology Treatment Regimen and Cancer Diagnosis
  • Individualized Dietary Guidelines Dependent on your Conventional Oncology Treatment Regimen and Cancer Diagnosis
  • Subcutaneous Mistletoe Therapy Management
  • Nutrient Therapy: High Dose Ascorbic Acid, Poly-MVA, Mistletoe
  • Homeopathy for Acute Symptom Management and Constitutional Support

Comprehensive Lab Ordering and Analysis

We will order a comprehensive lab work up with lab values that may be familiar to you. We will also order more specialized labs to assess and monitor inflammatory, circulating tumor cells and other markers that will help guide us through your diagnosis and treatment options.

  • Specialized Approach to Laboratory Panels 
  • Genetic, Detoxification and Methylation Pathways
  • Hormone, Adrenal and Neurotransmitter Testing
Restorative Therapies and Mind-Body Practices Support:

These healing practices are important to your state of mind as well as your immune surveillance. The more you are able to rest and relax, your immune system will be able to spend more energy on recognizing and addressing the cancer cells in your body. When we spend time, each day attending to mindfulness, we take the steps we need to heal and restore and live our healthiest lives. Mindful Movement takes into consideration your adrenal status and your heart rate to encourage the “Just” right amount of movement for you.

    • Lifestyle and Mindful Movement Support
    • Holistic Counseling
    • Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Meditation
    • Mind Body Medicine and Meditation groups
    • Trauma sensitive Mindfulness

Cancer Survivorship

Cancer Survivorship is guiding you back to living your healthiest self. We will look at assessing and restoring your adrenals so you have the energy to get back to sustainable work and play. We will continue to support your lifestyle and diet needs as your health improves. Supporting sleep, movement, and incorporating stress reduction techniques. Support your pelvic floor with non-hormonal therapy options so that you can resume intimacy without discomfort.

Dr. Dickinson relies heavily on lab analysis, science, research and is inspired and enjoys out of the box thinking. Her approach focuses on whole-person, patient- centered care.

Dr. Dickinson has been committed to providing an integrative approach to women diagnosed with breast, ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers since 2012. She has a large family history of breast cancer and understands the mental and emotional toll cancer takes on a patient and their care providers. She believes in you and your body’s inherent wisdom to maintain health. She will help you understand your cancer process, order the labs you need and provide you with the naturopathic support to help you fight your cancer.
She has a breadth of knowledge when it comes to complex conditions, especially a cancer diagnosis. She will help you understand your genetic SNPS, as well as your hormone metabolism and detoxification pathways that may have predisposed you to the cancer. She will order a thorough lab analysis that will assist you and her in managing your health every step of the way.
Dr. Dickinson is confident in meeting each patient where they are at and helping them find the best plan to fit their needs and lifestyle while encouraging the best possible quality of life. Some of her specific cancer care offerings include IV therapy, mistletoe therapy, supplements, nutritional support, pelvic floor therapy, homeopathy and stress management through comprehensive mind body medicine support.