Xenoestrogens and Detoxification

Liver detoxification is becoming a common health practice for many good reasons. Both Dr. Lisa
and Dr. Meghan recommend periodic cleanses as a way to reduce oxidative stress and
inflammation, balance hormones, and improve metabolism. The increased exposure to
environmental chemicals in the air and our food are responsible for the buildup of chemicals in
the body’s tissues. This will then increase oxidative stress, free radical formation, and cellular

The reason these chemicals are so easily incorporated and are damaging to the body is their
estrogen-like composition called xenoestrogens. Xenos means foreign, and these foreign
estrogens come from other sources not made within our body. Synthetic compounds and plant
products present in the environment have been found to have estrogenic activity, mimicking
hormonal functions involving estrogen metabolism.

Xenoestrogens are diverse in structure and mode of action. They bind to estrogen receptors
with sometimes the same or greater affinity as endogenous (body made) estrogen itself. When
xenoestrogens act on the body, they can disrupt regular hormonal action without binding to
estrogen receptors. This can result in cell injury, errors in DNA replication, and conditions that
derive from estrogen dominance.

Avoiding exposure to xenoestrogens can play a huge role in improving your health. Some of the
best ways to do this are:

  • Whenever possible purchase organically grown fruits and vegetables
  • Buy meat, eggs, and dairy products that are hormone free and ideally organic.
  • Be aware of the ingredients in personal-care products you use regularly, including
    cosmetics and household cleaning supplies.
  • Read labels or call manufacturers and ask about synthetic materials in their products.
  • Reduce use of plastics in containers for food storage and water bottles. Avoid using
    plastic in the microwave.

Since we do not live in a bubble and we may not be able to do the above strategies 100 percent
of the time, we can encourage the liver to detoxify hormones more efficiently by incorporating
periodic cleanses. It is important to choose a cleanse that is designed to improve the three
phases of liver detoxification. When the liver is able to detoxify efficiently, we do not get a
buildup of endogenous hormones or exogenous toxins in our tissues, including xenoestrogens.

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