UV Safety Month

UV Safety Month

July is UV Safety Month, which seems quite appropriate. We wanted to share some of our favorite resources with you on how we keep protected from burns without coating ourselves in toxins. One great resource is put out by the environmental working group (EWG). They release various lists and tips on all things that have to do with environmental exposures. They also have an app called Healthy Living (formerly Skin Deep). On this app you can look up skin care products like sunscreens and see how their ingredients are rated for safety and purity. For instance, one of my favorite sunscreens for kids is the mineral sunscreen by Badger. This product gets an overall rating of 1 (the lower the better).

EWG also has another helpful app, we thought we’d give a quick shoutout to. Their Dirty Dozen app lists the top 12 produce items to be sure to buy organic. These 12 are the highest in pesticides. In the app they also list the Clean 15 which are the 15 produce items that are safest to get conventional (or non-organic). Lists are updated yearly.

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