Uplift and Renew Herbal Blend

Uplift and Renew Herbal Blend

We love herbs! Using an herbal tincture is a great way to support your body and has the convenience of sitting on your bedside table, being tossed in your bag, and you don’t have to have a glass of water to swallow most of them. Tinctures are also a wonderful way to feel quick action from your herbs because some absorption happens right under your tongue and gets right into your bloodstream.

Our gift to you this month is a 20% discount on Dr. Lisa’s Uplift and Renew tincture from last month’s Refresh and Renew Daycation event. This is a great balanced supportive blend that helps mental clarity, balance, and focus throughout the day. Many of our patients already love our sleep support blends for winding down at night. This is a great addition to create wakefulness and keep you on point for your day!

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