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March: Spring News and New Beginnings

Dr. Meg ChmelikPlease join us in welcoming Dr. Meg Chmelik to our beloved Amber Wellness Group! We are so grateful to have found such a gifted and well rounded doctor to join our team. Dr. Meg has many offerings to share with each of you medically and professionally. Personally, she brings a compassionate intelligence to each of her patient visits.
This month we are highlighting one of her specialties Polycystic Ovaries, otherwise known as PCOS. This condition is both a hormonal and a metabolic condition, where blood sugar imbalances are common. Even if you do not have PCOS, the segments below will help you learn more about insulin resistance and what you can do to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
Congratulations are in order for Dr. Meghan Bennett as she is in her third trimester. She will be going on maternity leave in the middle of April. She will be out of the office for a few months to care for her newborn and six year old son. Dr. Meg and Dr. Lisa will continue to take care of her patients while she is away.
In closing, we had a wonderful, albeit virtual, Galentine‘s event on February 11th. If you, like so many of us, were caught up in the winter storm excitement and were unable to attend live, the event was recorded. As the pandemic wears on, it is so important to connect with ourselves and our girlfriends. We were inspired to do this webinar because of much needed “girl talk” addressing pleasure, sensation and self-care. We are gifting this video to you (and your friends) and to encourage you to connect, honoring yourself and all women on this journey. Information on how to access the recording is below.
In Good Health!
Dr. Meghan, Dr. Lisa, Dr. Meg, Dr. Jenna and Michelle

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