new year

Hello 2021! We’ve Been Waiting For You!

Hello Friends, Family and our Greater Community,

We welcome you to a new year filled with health, hope and happiness! We hope your holiday season, be it different from years past, was filled with celebrations that honored you and your loved ones’ traditions in a meaningful way.

As we start a new year, acknowledging the struggles of 2020, the concepts of self care and resilience are in the forefront of our minds. In order to navigate the uncertainties we continue to face in our lives, we need to incorporate a practice that values a bit of nurturing for ourselves each day. Whether you believe in New Years resolutions or not, self care is so important in the coming year and beyond. My goal each day is to simply carve out 15 minutes for mental and physical health. If you can do more, that is a bonus for you. However, 15 minutes is a wonderful start to building your self care quotient.

Many of our patients have indicated that they are eating and drinking in ways that are not taking care of their body as they have in years past. If you are interested in getting back on track and starting off 2021 with a New Year’s cleanse, we have 2 fabulous options for you. There are 10 and 21 day options that will help you to reduce your inflammation, increase your energy, and balance your hormones. Periodic cleansing supports your overall health by cleaning up your liver detoxification pathways and reducing your oxidative stress load in your body. We invite you to read more information below on how cleansing and detoxifying will improve your wellness. Please call Michelle for information and supplies to join in either of New Year’s cleanses this year.

We value each of you, as part of the community that makes up Amber Wellness Group. We are passionate about supporting you in your wellness goals and look forward to sharing our thoughts and events as we embark on this 2021 year.

In Good Health!
Dr. Meghan, Dr. Lisa, Michelle and Cheyenne

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