Mental Clarity Support and Brain Food

Mental Clarity Support and Brain Food

We can finally and fully welcome spring! Watching the cherry blossoms bloom is always a highlight of mine this time of year, as well as leaving work in the daytime and enjoying an evening walk. Spending more time outside feels like a very welcome change in life this year. How are you all doing and what has the last month looked like for you? Hopefully, you have been able to use some of our self-care resources from last month’s newsletter. If you missed it last month or are feeling inspired to read through it again, click here.

Part of our passion at Amber Wellness Group is incorporating wellness into all aspects of your life: body, brain, and spirit. This month we are highlighting some brain and cognition focused protocols, a special on our Uplift & Renew Tincture, an invitation to join us for the inaugural 4 week mindfulness meditation course Dr. Lisa is teaching at AWG (!!!), and a reminder to take advantage of the final 2 weeks of our self-care discount on our pelvic care treatment options.

Please join us in soaking in the blooms, shifting the energy after winter, and planting intentions this spring in preparation for a fun filled summer!

From all of us at Amber Wellness Group, we wish you peace and good health~

Dr. Meghan, Dr. Lisa, Michelle and Jo

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