IV Nutrient Therapy

IV Nutrient Therapy

At Amber Wellness Group we believe in the incredible healing properties of the human body and make it our goal to offer effective treatments that support this dynamic. IV therapy is a powerful tool that can support a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. IV treatments are formulated individually for our patients, administering a blend of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes directly into the bloodstream to achieve a specific treatment goal.

When our bodies get run down and depleted, IV therapy can offer fast relief and support to replenish nutrient levels so that you can get back to feeling your best self. When we eat foods and take supplements, we are relying on our digestive system to break down and absorb our nutrients. When we suffer from poor digestion for any reason (stress, SIBO, IBS, celiac, IBD), it can greatly interfere with nutrient absorption and leave us depleted. Unfortunately, it is so common to struggle with optimal digestion and absorption, working with your doctor to optimize GI health in important but sometimes we need other ways to support the robust nutrient needs of our body. IV therapy helps to get essential nutrients into the body where they can be utilized for key functions, help us recover, and support our overall healing potential.

Amber Wellness Groups offers a variety of IV treatments that can be suited to each individual need. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jade to talk more about what treatment is best for you. She will do a thorough intake and make sure to answer any questions that you might have before moving forward with IV therapy as part of your treatment plan.

Here is a brief overview of IV treatments currently offered:

IV Wellness:
A robust immune system is your body’s first line of defense against infections and illnesses. Nutrient IV Therapy plays a vital role in supporting and strengthening the immune system. This formula is a blend of B vitamins, vitamin C, and minerals and is often finished with a glutathione push for powerful antioxidant support. This formula is perfect for general immune support as we get into cold and flu season, overcoming illness, getting ready to go back to school, pre or post traveling, and fatigue when you need a little boost to get your energy back.

IV Vitamin C:
High dose vitamin C has been studied in the support of adjunctive cancer care and chronic infections. It is a powerful and simple nutrient that can offer stronger immune support than the IV wellness formula alone. Low vitamin C levels have also been linked to chronic pain and fatigue. Not everyone can get this IV treatment, to ensure your body can tolerate high dose IVC, we will need to run a lab test called a G6PD prior to administering this treatment.

Glutathione Push:
Glutathione, often referred to as the body’s “master antioxidant,” is a vital and versatile compound present in every cell of the human body. Glutathione plays a crucial role in neutralizing harmful free radicals and reducing oxidative stress as well as supporting overall mitochondrial function. Beyond its antioxidant role, glutathione is also instrumental in supporting the immune system and detoxifying the body. It is often used in cases of mold and toxin exposure, to help replenish the body’s depleted glutathione reserves, support detox, clear brain fog, and assist you in returning to a healthy baseline.

IV Iron Sucrose (Venofer):
Iron deficiency is a common condition that affects a large percentage of women. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, resulting in fatigue, weakness, and cognitive impairments. Nutrient IV Therapy can be a game-changer for individuals struggling with iron deficiency, offering faster relief of symptoms than oral supplementation alone. Intravenous iron infusions deliver iron directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and improving absorption rates. IV iron is great for people who struggle with constipation while taking oral iron. This method allows for faster and more effective replenishment of iron stores, leading to a rapid improvement in anemic symptoms. Treatment recommendations and frequency are made based off recent blood work including CBC, iron panel, and ferritin.

Additionally, we routinely prescribe Vitamin B injections for our patients to support the much-needed cofactors for iron absorption and red blood cell production. You can add on a B vitamin injection to your IV iron infusion, you will notice the positive effects!

Stay tuned for upcoming articles on common conditions that IV therapy can assist with as part of your treatment plan.

  • Stress and Nervous system Support
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • GI Disorders and Poor Absorption
  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

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