Gratitude Food: Healthy and Delicious Holiday Feast

Gratitude Food: Healthy and Delicious Holiday Feast

Are you starting to plan your holiday feasts? All of our team has contributed to sharing our favorite holiday recipes with you. We have also highlighted some upcoming specials and promotions. So, kick back with a cup of apple cider and enjoy! 🙂

We are still hosting our monthly 5-day fasting mimicking Prolon program this month. If you have been thinking about how to keep the holiday cravings from setting you back, and haven’t had a chance to join us yet, the next group is starting on or around November 14th. You can start any time and please give us a call with questions, we are always here to support your health and wellness!

We are joining in with Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials for the week detailed below, including one you’ll want to snag: 20% off the ThermiVa and MLT for support of your pelvic floor, collagen rebuilding and so much more.

From all of us at Amber Wellness Group, we are so grateful for you~

Dr. Meghan, Dr. Lisa, and Michelle

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