Autumn at AWG

Autumn at AWG

It is officially fall! This time of year always makes me think of harvest and gratitude, which I realize is a little cliche, but I think it is also an important perspective to invite in this year of all years. We invite you to take a moment to think of 3 things that you’re grateful for. I’ll go first. 1- online kindergarten okay maybe that one is me trying to manifest gratitude for online learning at 5 years old. I am grateful for hardworking teachers who are trying their best to do online learning and provide resources for our little learners. 2- a few extra days of sunshine before we move into the rainy season. I thought the sunshine was behind us and it was hard to be upset about that after all that smoke, but this week we got to enjoy a few extra sunny days! 3- kittens! We recently got a kitten and didn’t realize how perfect the timing would be. With my son not having much social interaction, he is LOVING having a sweet rambunctious kitten to run around the house with. Your turn!We’ve made some changes to our articles for this newsletter.

We’ve made them shorter and focused on answering one main question, instead of covering everything about a health topic. Let us know what you think!

Another reminder, we are so missing having our bigger in person events. So we have worked diligently on how to deliver some of this awesome content we love sharing, virtually. We have 2 online workshops on pelvic floor health that are available for purchase on our website. We will also be hosting a LIVE online event with giveaways and prizes. So stay tuned for details and please join us! We would love to see your smiling faces on the screen.

Lastly, dear patients we are ever so grateful for all of you! We don’t get to do what we love if you aren’t invested in the naturopathic approach to health and wellness. So socially distant cheers to you all!!

In Good Health!
Dr. Meghan, Dr. Lisa, Michelle and Cheyenne

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