American Heart Month

There are many things we can include into our routines to support heart health and longevity. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions that you can easily incorporate into your daily home practices.
  • Cardiovascular exercise to support heart health, such as long walks, jogging, or running. Goal: 30 minutes 4 days week.
  • Heart conscious dietary changes:
    • Include healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, salmon, avocados and tree nuts
    • Take additional Omega 3 fatty acids to increase HDL’s (healthy cholesterol) and decrease cardiovascular inflammation.
    • Eat plenty of vegetables, more color means more antioxidants.
    • Limit saturated fats (red meat, pork, dairy, fried and processed foods).
  • Get adequate sleep (8 hours a night): this is when your body repairs and reduces inflammation. Higher inflammation leads to higher incidence of cardiovascular disease.
  • Breathe! This helps bring in circulation to your heart and reduces anxiety that can contribute to heart palpitations. The more we feel stress in our body, the more our heart has to bare.

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