Adrenal health is equal to healthy libido
Adrenal health = healthy libido!!

The health of your adrenal glands plays a significant role in libido. Simply stated, if you are depleted and not refueling, then your subconscious body will put sex on the back burner. This is an effort to protect you from depleting your reserves even more.

A woman’s age and where she is on the hormone spectrum, also play a role in sex drive. Younger women typically have more robust hormones and higher levels of progesterone, the main hormone driver of female libido. However, if a younger woman is using hormonal birth control, has high levels of stress, or has had a significant trauma, her sex drive is often diminished.

As women reach peri-menopause, hormone fluctuations along with low adrenal reserves leads to increasing symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, erratic mood, and of course low libido. Stabilizing hormones, so there are less dramatic swings between high and low hormones makes a marked difference for this stage of life.

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