Women's Pelvic Health "Power and Pleasure"!!

We had a wonderful turnout for our May 18th workshop. We recorded the virtual live event and we invite you to experience this one of a kind Power and Pleasure workshop in your own home at your own time.
This workshop is the foundation for our upcoming workshop series that will take you through the hormonal stages and phases of every woman’s life.

Our Contributors Include:
Dr. Lisa Dickinson
Jill Case Follas
Dr. Meghan Bennett
This event will help you deepen your relationship with your feminine power center, the pelvic bowl.

This Workshop Will Cover:

Anatomy of the pelvic floor.
How to stay connected and grounded.
Meditation practices, exercises, tools for maintaining pelvic floor health.
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Below are clips from each of the presenters discussing their excitement about the workshop by
Jill Case Follas, Dr. Meghan, and Dr. Lisa.

Amber Wellness Group and Jill Case Follas

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