Virtual Workshop:
Women’s Pelvic Health “Power and Pleasure”!!

Prerequisite to upcoming workshops on:

  • The Premenopausal Years: Finding Your Power
  • The Perimenopausal Years: Finding Your Balance
  • The Postmenopausal Years: Finding Your Strength
  • Fertility: Empowering You, Understanding Hormones, Emotions &What You can Do to Improve Your Success.
  • Survivorship: Reconnecting after a Cancer Diagnosis: Enhancing and Rebuilding Your Relationship

Our Contributors Are:

Dr. Lisa Dickinson

Jill Case Follas

Dr. Meghan Bennett

This Webinar will help you deepen your relationship
with your feminine power center, the pelvic bowl.

Deepen your relationship to your feminine power center:

  • The state of your pelvic health.

Learn about:

  • The anatomy of the pelvic floor
  • Practices to connect to your pelvis
  • The relationship of the pelvis to pleasure, self-care and POWER

Take Away: Self-care tools such as:

  • Grounding practices to release anxiety and promote confidence
  • Simple exercise to maintain pelvic health
  • Integrative therapies for pelvic floor healing