Thank you for taking the QUIZ

We are so excited you took the bioidentical hormone quiz.  Many women like you are looking for balance in their lives. When we address hormone imbalance, we can relax and feel more at ease. Reducing stress and supporting balance in your life is one of the primary goals the doctors at Amber Wellness Group have for you! We want to help you create possibilities and feel your best!


From your responses you answered yes to a number of questions.
  • If you answered yes to 1-3 of the quiz questions: you may be a candidate for hormones, but there are also many other naturopathic treatment options that can support you.
  • If you answered yes to 4-6 quiz questions: you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy along with naturopathic support.
  • If you answered yes to 6 or more quiz questions: you are a very strong candidate for bioidentical hormones. They will help you regulate your hormones, your body and symptoms much faster while we work on supporting your underlying stress response and help you find your balance!
We would love to support you further by scheduling a comprehensive visit with one of our amazing doctors. Please give our clinic a call, or schedule online here.


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