Woman with orange scarf jumping in the beach

Virtual Workshop: Women’s Pelvic Health “Power and Pleasure”

Deepen your relationship to your feminine power center:

The state of your pelvic health.

The anatomy of the pelvic floor
Practices to connect to your pelvis
The relationship of the pelvis to pleasure, self-care and POWER
Take Away: Self-care tools such as:

Grounding practices to release anxiety and promote confidence
Simple exercise to maintain pelvic health
Integrative therapies for pelvic floor healing


Prerequisite to upcoming workshops on:

  • The Premenopausal Years: Finding Your Power
  • The Perimenopausal Years: Finding Your Balance
  • The Postmenopausal Years: Finding Your Strength
  • Fertility: Empowering You, Understanding Hormones, Emotions &What You can Do to Improve Your Success.
    Survivorship: Reconnecting after a Cancer Diagnosis: Enhancing and Rebuilding Your Relationship