Pre-Menopausal Years: Finding Your Power

Keep an eye out for the next two segments in this pre-menopausal phase series:

  • How Stress Affects Your Hormones
  • How the Environment Influences Your Hormones


This one of a kind course will empower you to connect with your body, know what is happening within your body, and create inner strength and balance to support you through your pre-menopausal years!

This is the first segment of the Pre-Menopausal Years module.

This course will equip you to:

Learn what is happening throughout your menstrual cycle physically and hormonally.

  • Go on a guided meditation to uncover your power and connect with your inner voice.
  • Delve into movements that sustain and support you to feel strong and empowered.
  • Uncover what is truly holding you back from stepping into your power.